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 Here are some testimonials from FoldTuk users:

"I have never been big on lunch boxes, but now I can actually take lunch to work again. When lunch is over, it collapses and fits into my briefcase. It is my new disappearing lunch box."

"It has been several years since my family and I have prepared food together. Now with FoldTuk, everyone gets to choose what dish they want me to bake later in the week. On Saturday, we all take part in preparing fresh ingredients, and each child ‘invents’ their own recipe. I then put all the containers in the freezer, and then everyone votes on which dish to bake on a particular night. It brings the family together, and all I have to do is pop it (FoldTuk™) into the oven when I get home from work. Before it used to be so much work, and now, things are easier by using just one container. We are better parents, and the kids are learning responsibility and loving it. Thanks FoldTuk!"

"I am a guy and do not put a lot into gift shopping. But when I saw the FoldTuk, I knew my wife would love it. If easy cooking, easy cleaning and easy storage is what your wife likes, she will love the FoldTuk. My wife still does not believe that I bought this for her all on my own!"

"I am a newlywed. My husband had no idea I could not prepare a real meal. With FoldTuk, I look so domestic! I made my first chicken pot pie, lasagna, beef stew, chicken-broccoli casserole, and I even baked a bee-hive cake for my little niece. The FoldTuk is so non-stick that the cake came out perfectly. The FoldTuk is the most used container in my kitchen."

"I had dozens of storage containers in my kitchen cabinets. I began to think I was out of cabinet space. I discovered that I did not need more kitchen cabinets… I needed FoldTuk! No more mix-matched, odd-size containers. This has revolutionized organizing my kitchen."

"I am simply amazed by all that FoldTuk does. I have been baking my favorite dishes like tuna casserole and spaghetti hot dish. I am very pleased with FoldTuk. I already have extras on the way."

"It is a cool product. The stacking capability really impressed me. I actually put it to the test. I thought it was such an interesting concept that I bought extras for friends who are camping enthusiasts."

"I was unloading the dishwasher the other day and was trying to put my large, glass PyrexTM pan in its appropriate cabinet. The Pyrex pan was heavy, and I lost my grip and dropped it in my cabinet. Then the dish shattered, and a million pieces of glass were scattered all over the inside of my cabinet. It took my husband and I almost half an hour to clean up all of the glass pieces. Throughout this whole process, I was wondering why I didn't just use my light and durable FoldTuk. Then none of this would have happened, and I wouldn't have wasted time cleaning up broken glass. Not to mention the cabinet space would be saved."

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