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Bakeware Sets, Cookware, Flexible, Gourmet, Nonstick, Silicone, Toaster oven

We made FoldTuk with our innovative compound material, Ceramber™, and developed the very first and only collapsible bakeware product. We wanted to create a product so versatile that it could be used virtually anywhere, whether it be your conventional, convection, infrared, microwave oven or freezer.

FoldTuk is so incredibly useful. It can be used to freeze future lunch meals and later be heated in the microwave at the workplace. When done, FoldTuk collapses flat to fit into the slimmest briefcase or personal bag. FoldTuk's unique design has international patents pending.

Cook, Serve, and Store

FoldTuk has a wide range of uses in your kitchen. Store your leftovers from dinner. Make lunch for tomorrow and store it in the refrigerator or freezer. Make a casserole and bake it directly in your FoldTuk. And when you're done, clean up is a breeze since FoldTuk is dishwasher-safe.


Everyone could use a little more space in their cabinets. FoldTuk gives you extra space with its efficient collapsible structure. When fully collapsed , FoldTuk measures only 1 inch tall - perfect for stacking and storing in your kitchen cupboard.


Due to FoldTuk's self-supportive design, it won't lose its shape like other silicone bakeware. The product's proprietary material is the strongest of its kind.


Unlike ceramic bakeware, you don't have to worry about damaging FoldTuk by dropping it or subjecting it to extreme temperatures. FoldTuk has been designed to withstand years of normal kitchen use. Need to heat something up quickly? FoldTuk can go from deep freeze directly into your cooking oven with no risk of shattering.

Natural Non-Stick Surface

Many bakeware products have a non-stick coating on them that deteriorates over time. FoldTuk's proprietary material has a high surface tension and low coefficiency of friction which provides a natural safe non-stick surface.

Available in a Selection of Colors

FoldTuk is available in a wide spectrum of colors to compliment your personal style.

Easily Viewed Contents

FoldTuk's easy to see through body and storage lid makes it easy to view the contents of your dish. Never wonder again what is in your dish.

Consumer Safe

FoldTuk FoldTuk is made of a proprietary food grade material called CERAMBER™.

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