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FoldTuk Bakeware
Care and Handling
Caution: Please Read Before Use

·  Wash Before First Use – Lid and container are dishwasher safe
·  Remove all attachments or labels from lid and container before washing or us.
·  Do not use knives or sharp objects with this container; they could damage the surface of the container.
·  FoldTuk should never come in direct heat with flame, stovetops, hot plates, or grills.
·  Do not use in oven temperatures exceeding manufacturer's maximum heat ratings 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius)
·  Always have food in the FoldTuk container before putting into any kind of baking oven or microwave oven.
·  Do not bake or microwave in the collapsed position. Product should always be fully expanded when heated.
·  Use oven mitts to remove bake ware from the oven, as bake ware and its contents are hot.
·  Container must cool down to room temperature before collapsing.
·  Do not use storage lid in conventional oven.
·  Do not seal storage lid in microwave oven to avoid dangerous steam buildup.
·  Do not push down on FoldTuk container in expanded position to apply the air-tight lid.
·  To close air-tight lid, use a 'pinching' motion to apply lid to the rim of the container supporting the rim.
·  Support rim of container when sealing to avoid spilling contents.
·  Do not place air-tight lid on product while contents are hot, to avoid steam buildup and possible burns.
·  Do not use abrasive soap or scrubbing/scouring products to clean bakeware, as these will damage the product.
·  To avoid staining, do not overheat foods with colorants, tomato, or sugar content.
·  Prior to stacking, contents must be equal temperature to storage area before sealing lid.
·  Always ensure there are no air leaks and that the storage lid is completely seated and sealed onto the top rim of the container before       stacking.
·  Maximum stacking weight is 4 pounds for 4-cup size and 6 pounds for 6-cup size.

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